four platforms for change in a disrupted world.

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FSC Open creates events and conferences for Future Thinkers & Doers. We are building a place they can call home - a place to meet, listen, learn and drink while they chew the future cud. FSC Open harnesses the powerful thinking & doing of these new emerging future thinkers & doers through Drink Tanks™, Hacks, Unconferences and other collaborative events to begin to drive opportunities and possibilities for co-creation and innovative thinking & doing output. 

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FSC Talent is a new type of recruitment agency for the Creative Industries. It only represents Future Thinkers & Doers. The emergence of a new talent type in the market - the Future Thinker & Doer - those that can think vision as well as deliver in the present, those that are masters of data as well as design - those that are technically adept but also empathetic to users - this is the talent that will be on our books. The future of every agency and consultancy is dependent on talent and the ability to attract and retain talent. We believe this will ultimately become the only competitive advantage of the future. 

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The FSC Mag aims to be an alternative to the rather corporate, stale and pompous creative industry mags already out there through a heady mix of in-depth cross-industry and cross-discipline future thinking, cynical piss taking and original funny stuff that we think will make our readers laugh. There is definitely no science to getting this combination right - but our vision is to create the self-conscious, nerdy anti-establishment and punkish love child of HBR and Private Eye - and let it loose on an unsuspecting audience of people we love and respect. 

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