DASHbOARD to the future.

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Diagnose organisational health with the FSC Digital Maturity Scorecard.

Understanding performance across critical business areas is key to delivering rapid change in a constantly moving market place. The Digital Maturity Scorecard provides a rapid in-depth overview of key performance indicators across the organisation, outputting a full metrics dashboard and actionable recommendations from an in-depth 4 week diagnostic. We undertake a deep dive assessment of an organisations digital activity and score its digital maturity based on a proven diagnostic model using over 200 questions, interviews and observations. The diagnostic provides essential ground work to accelerate future digital initiatives.

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3 Dimensions, 9 FOCUS areas, 45 ASPECTS, 200 questions.

DMS delivers a 360-degree view of an organisation’s current digital strengths and weaknesses and is a key foundation for planning and prioritising future change – be it implementing quick wins, disruptive innovations, transformational initiatives, new propositions or business ventures.

DMS is split into 3 dimensions: the vision, planning and leadership to build a successful digitally-based business; the capability to find, build relationships and transact with customers and finally how effectively the business can deliver improving services and products and respond to change. Each dimension has been split into 3 focus areas from which to assess the different aspects of digital maturity.


a dashboard of opportunity.

The DMS Dashboard shows the performance of a business from a digital perspective and measures its progress in relation to world class orgs highlighting the gaps. In doing so it gives a company’s leadership an accurate and powerful visualisation of the weaknesses to be fixed and opportunities to accelerate the digital transformation journey to protect against disruption.

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DMS Resource & Pricing.

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