Experience live innovation.

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Innovation in A Safe and Controlled Environment.

Most research is flat, two dimensional and prone to misinterpretation -  and therefore any insight derived from it and used in ideation can be inaccurate or plain wrong. Experiential Ideation mixes live actors and scenario planning to create safe innovation environments to drive active ideation that accelerates learning and delivers faster results. 


Experiential Unconferences.

The Future Strategy Club offers experiential unstructured internal conferences for organisational innovation and learning in a live and safe environment. Combining disruption experts, experimental learning techniques and a fully co-created agile conference, we are able to drive faster, more authentic ideation, opening up the avenues for true transformational change.

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Experiential Hacks.

The Future Strategy Club offers experiential hacks to drive ideation from across the organisation and into executable market-ready innovations. Run over 3 days and 5 stages, Hacks break down silos by bringing together large cross-discipline and cross-functional teams in order to unleash the innovative potential within the organisation. Hacks output hundreds of new problem-solving innovations and create an experience of the truly flat non-hierarchical future organisation.

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EXD Resource & Pricing.

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