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FSC Social: Innovation for Good

  • The Future Strategy Club Unit 501B, Peckham Levels LONDON United Kingdom (map)

The Event

We firmly believe that the amazing talent and skills that exist in the UK creative industries is one of the wonders of the world. But, for far too long, this talent has been used almost exclusively to drive commercial profit and private gain. However, the challenges facing our world and society right now are massive and complex, and we need to use our creative talents and commercial  innovation methodologies to help save the world. The creative industries needs to step up and find its purpose.  Innovation for good, not just for growth. 

The core focus of this event is around using our tried and tested  innovation and design methodologies (that have been traditionally used to create new products and services for commercial profit) to solve some of the large problems humanity is currently facing. Whether it be using circular design thinking to begin to challenge the linear product design methodologies, or using innovation frameworks to develop new ways of fixing old problems - we believe that the creative industries and the talent within in it holds the potential to transform our current state of affairs. 

Join us to discuss circular design thinking and designing sustainable products  with Professor Rebecca Earley, Director of the Centre for Circular Design at UAL , followed by an interview with Charlotte Hillenbrand, Executive Director of Digital & Innovation at Comic Relief, to discuss how commercial innovation methodologies can be used to create new products and services for good in the Third Sector. 

The Speakers

Professor Rebecca Earley  is Director for UAL's Centre for Circular Design in London and an award-winning designer and researcher whose creative textile and fashion work has been widely exhibited over the last twenty five years. The Centre for Circular Design (CCD) is accelerating the development of design for circular futures where textiles and materials are envisioned, produced, used and disposed of in radical new ways. In 2010 Rebecca co-developed The TEN (Earley & Politowicz 2010) - sustainable strategies which aim to help designers reduce the environmental impact of textile design, production, use and disposal. Recent research projects used The TEN to create scalable concepts for brands in the UK, USA and Sweden. 

Charlotte Hillenbrand, Executive Director of Digital & Innovation at Comic Relief, was one of the founding partners of award winning agency Made by Many, and is now helping transform Comic Relief to prepare the organisation for the next chapter of its amazing journey by making it one of the most innovative charities in the world. She is doing this by creating the  capabilities that enable an ‘innovation as usual’ approach to work and introducing value-driven ways of working - informed by the mindsets and practices of a customer and product-focused, agile / lean development approach.

(Read our interview with Charlotte about her work at Comic Relief in Issue 1 of the FSC Mag, downloadable here)

The FSC Social

The FSC Social is a chance to gain new knowledge around subjects from experts in their field while you chill and chat with members, collaborators, and other innovators over a few drinks. Every month there are different presenters and speakers around different themes. 

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