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WE ARE the first & ONLY CO-AGENCY.

The FSC is a lean not-for-profit collective of creative talent armed with the latest frameworks, models and training to deliver and support successful outcomes for our clients.

We are getting rid of the profiteering fat middle-man that separates the talent from the clients. We are taking the agency lean, agile and making it transparent. We want to create a closer more collaborative relationship between the two value-creating parties. No longer Client Vs Talent - but Client + Talent, which will lead to better craft, more quality, increased care, and lower costs. 

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We support our clients through either specialist project support (recruitment services) or by owning project delivery (agency services). Either way, we make successful outcomes happen.

Whether our clients need an individual or a team to help a project succeed, or need us take a brief and deliver a successful outcome, the FSC delivers. We build long term partnerships and support our clients on their journeys by providing the perfect talent for every change challenge. We aim to create independence in our clients, only charging for the value we add, where and when it is needed.

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We have impact at our core.

We deliver impact for both our clients and our communities through our talented Freelancers and the FSC Incubator.

The FSC has three key focuses - delivering great work for our clients, placing amazing talent in our clients' businesses, and putting our profits into new innovative ideas that have a social benefit through our FSC Impact Fund and FSC Incubator. We aim to be a force for good in the world and we want to use the capabilities of our frameworks and tools, the skills and power of our freelancers,  to do good. So we have created IF to put our talents to good use. Not all of our initiatives will be successful, but we will keep trying to do good until we do good. 

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160 of the best hand-picked agency & consultancy freelance talent you could hope for.

We have a multi-disciplinary collective of board level advisors and talented specialists who execute change at the core of our client’s organisations. Our advisors and specialists are all proven experts in their fields working at the cutting edge and trained in all the latest frameworks and processes. We have an advisor or specialist for every project and we can provide the exact mix of skills needed through an Agency Unit, a Practice Squad, or as a Specialist Freelancer - and we publish our market-indexed freelancer and client rates because we are radically transparent.

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WE SELL the latest future THINKING.

We have created a unique market place for our clients to access the latest agency thinking, frameworks & tools.

Organisational ways of working, models, processes and frameworks cannot be static - they need to be constantly evolving and incorporating new thinking and thinkers, new disciplines, new practices. The FSC Agency Product Market (APM) has the latest and most cutting edge road-tested processes and frameworks to help organisations stay ahead of the competition.

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Like a football pundit who never played football, an Agency without skin in the game has no right to tell its clients to take risks it hasn’t dared take itself.

The FSC purposely puts skin in the game. We believe in testing out our theories and thinking in the market place. We take risks with our own advice so we can learn, and pass those learnings on. We invest in R&D, so that we can create new products & services that will help our clients. We believe this gives us the knowledge and experience to advise others.

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READY to meet a real agency?

We are not a virtual network - we are based in London, and we are building a global network to disrupt the traditional profit-focused agency model.

If you want to work with us, chat with us, write for us, help save the planet a little bit with us, or you are just looking to find some purpose in your career - give us a shout. Our offices are set up as an open creative hub and we encourage anyone to come hang out, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine with us, and discover how we want to take the agency back to where it came from. 

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