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Looking to set up your own independent creative business? Need help scaling your business and building capacity & capability quickly without risk? Want some mentorship, learning and a place to work from while you set up?

The FSC is a co-agency created for you - the Independent Creative Business (ICB). We want to offer the help you need to get going with your new venture, and support you as you grow by providing the knowledge and talent you need, when you need it, so you can grow at the pace you choose without sacrificing craft, quality and care.

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The 9 Benefits of joining the FSC:

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The biggest challenge when setting up a a new business is winning clients. At the beginning using your contacts works, but very soon that pipeline runs dry and you need to do some proper new business. Most practitioners don’t have these skills, and struggle. At the FSC we can supply a steady stream of work for you as you find your feet, and help you with your new biz strategy.

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As an Independent Creative Business, winning new work is very exciting, but sourcing the right talent to deliver that work is less so. Using recruiters that do not understand your practice, do not care about the craft or quality, and charge massive mark ups for talent they haven’t even vetted is depressing. The FSC has an amazing pool of curated talent and has the necessary experience and expertise in your practice - plus offers special reduced rates and fees to it Independent Creative Businesses.

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It feels like starting a business is all about saying yes. A big fat yes to everything - be it a coffee at 9am in the morning on the other side of the city with someone you barely know, or a potential collaboration with a another business owner you don’t yet have a relationship with. Generally, the irrelevant and ill-fitting opportunities you say yes to fall away naturally, and those that stick are worth pursuing. At the FSC we want to increase the sticky meet ups and relevant connections by connecting your business to others like you, or ahead of you, or very different to you. We want to increase your serendipity and your yes success, and build you a network for the future.

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growth control

Uncontrolled rapid growth can be problematic. From the outside it looks like the emblem of success, but internally it can sow the seeds of the failure of your vision of a craft and quality based practice-led creative business leading to a money machine that knocks out the low work as quickly as possible to feed the monster. The FSC is building an amazing pool of curated and talented freelancers to help our Independent Creative Businesses scale quickly to deliver projects, without having to go down the uncontrolled rapid growth path and thus lose the craft and quality to the machine.

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Learning & Development is a key part of developing capabilities, resilience and skills whether perm, freelance or part of a new Independent Creative Business. It is key to developing as a leader and as a practitioner. But in the maelstrom of start up culture it is left behind and forgotten. At the FSC we believe it is inextricably linked to success when starting a new business and therefore we offer our Independent Creative Businesses learning and development courses and online tools to make sure they are continually learning and developing as practitioners, business leaders and human beings.

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product & Service

Starting a new Independent Creative Business means having something to sell. What you sell and how differentiated it is from what your competitors sell is key to succeeding. What you do and to how you work is intrinsically connected to how you sell it is. So if you are using the same old processes and frameworks that you picked up from your last employer (and who most likely downloaded them from the internet) then you are selling the exact same as your competitors. The FSC has created the Agency Product Market (APM) in order to continually develop cutting edge ways of working and executing work for clients. All of our Independent Creative Businesses can have access to the products on the APM, allowing them to be at the forefront of ways of working for their clients.

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A big part of scaling a new business is building capacity and capability. If you win the work but then cannot deliver it because you can’t source quality talent in time, you can’t scale. The FSC provides an amazing curated pool of talented freelancers that all our Independent Creative Businesses can access in order to find the right talent at affordable rates at the right time.

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Taking the leap and setting up your own Independent Creative Business is super exciting. It can also be very lonely and isolating. Having access to a network of experts and friendly peers is crucial to surviving the ups and downs of entrepreneurial life. The FSC offers it’s experienced advisors and specialists as mentors to Independent Creative Businesses to help them on the journey - both functionally and emotionally.

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Horse before the cart? Brand before pipeline? Office before clients? Which ever way you choose to start out, you need a space to hang out, have meetings and plan from. The FSC office is available for any of our Freelancers and Independent Creative Businesses to use to work from and plan their unicorn, or any other mythical beast . We want to be part of your success and help you thrive from the moment you leave perm to the moment you ring the bell at NYSE!

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