404 Jazz Hands ERROR

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If you are lost in a world of jazz hands bullshit - download this fun game now and help us fight the bullshiters. 

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the rules

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1. You do not need any musical ability to play this game but a keen nose for bullshit could be an advantage.

2. You must have a valid FSC bingo card to play, a pen and one full pair of hands to do ‘the jazz hands’ if you get a full house.

3. As the presenter/ boss/ Futurist/ Consultant/ ECD/ CSO etc is talking listen carefully. If he or she says any of the designated jazz hands words in your grid, mark them off.

4. If and when you are fortunate enough to be in the presence of a proper jazz hands strategic thinker, and you find yourself with all your jazz hands words marked off (bullshit heaven!) - you must silently (and discreetly if you don’t want to upset the fragile ego of your speaker) do ‘the jazz hands’ (put your hands out in front of you as if waving, and move them side to side), a movement commonly known as the ‘Hello Dolly’.

5. If you are currently lucky enough to be at an FSC event, a full house will mean you have an amazingly appropriate prize to collect at the end of the presentations.

6. If you are in a rubbish presentation at work your prize will be the warm glow inside created by the knowledge that you have helped, with this one small game, combat the tide of bullshit and marked a win for you, your family, and society.