A freelancer AGENCY where you have your CAKE AND EAT IT.

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Want your freedom, great day rates, great portfolio work, generous incentives, and all the benefits of being perm - but as a Freelancer?

The FSC is a co-agency created for you - the talented freelancer. We want to offer you all the benefits of employment, without employing you - and all the benefits of independence, without the isolation - for free. We also want to reward you for bringing value to the club.

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The 9 benefits of becoming a FSC Member:

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As a freelancer you want to be free, but also be part of something. You want to be able to have time off when you want for however long you want. At the FSC you get to belong, and and be free at the same time. No contracts, no bosses, no ball and chain. Just the great bits of working in an agency, without the bullshit.

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Leaving permanent employment is exciting and rewarding - but can be lonely. As a freelancer you lose a very important part of career development - mentorship. Having someone more experienced than yourself to help guide and support you is crucial sometimes to navigate work. At the FSC we provide our freelancers mentorship from our amazing Advisors - board-level been-there-done-that experienced talent who can really help see the bigger career picture and guide those big career choices.

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Leaving perm can mean leaving the parties and fun cultural stuff behind - and freelancers need to make a lot of effort not to become isolated from their peers. The FSC puts on a calendar of events and parties to connect our freelancers and build something fun and engaging for them to be part of. From our quarterly live music 100 party, to our innovator Drink Tank Dinners, to our monthly FSC Socials, to our special member only events - we take the fun and networking seriously because it is a critical part of a successful and happy freelance career.

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What you work on is a key element of being a freelancer. Having the ability to choose work that is challenging, rewarding and purposeful is what you left your perm job for. At the FSC we only work on projects we believe have the opportunities for great portfolio work for our talent, and that can drive change. We also avoid clients we don’t feel are a values and ethics fit for us .

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Learning & Development are a great part of being perm (if you worked somewhere that cared and did it properly) and key to your development and career progression. As a freelancer L & D is entirely your responsibility - and generally something that gets forgotten. At the FSC we offer you the general and specific learning you need to be successful - from how to set up as a freelancer, to how to pitch successfully - with the ultimate goal of developing you and helping you thrive.

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Working in cross-discipline teams is critical to building a wide and deep knowledge of how your work forms part of the whole of successful projects. As a lone freelancer getting the experience of working on large complex end to end projects as part of a team can sometimes be difficult. At the FSC we build Practice Squads and Agency Units to scale our talent and win bigger end to end projects as a team - and allow our freelancers to develop the skills and knowledge that only coming from large complex project work.

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It is important that your day rate is competitive and reflects your current skills and ability. At the FSC the day rates are market indexed and consistently checked to make sure we are always paying our freelancers their proper rate. As well as that, our day rates are published on our website for all to see, and our recruitment and project fees are completely transparent.

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profit share

Working hard and being committed to the craft, quality and care of outputs is part of being a focused and talented freelancer. At the FSC we believe that attitude and skills deserves more than just a day rate and a pat on the back - it deserves a share of the profits. Therefore every freelancer gets one day’s pay profit share for every 10 weeks work done through the FSC.

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The FSC rewards its members for bringing value to the club and contributing to the financial, intellectual and social health of the network. From kick backs for bringing in work or recommending freelancers for projects, to reduced rates for club freelancers on your own projects, to free membership for sharing your knowledge and skills - there are a variety of ways to earn rewards from your membership.

What’s the catch? PAY IT FORWARD.

We don’t charge for membership, we just ask you to share your expertise once a year.

We believe value comes from the sharing of knowledge, skills and experience. All our members are asked to contribute One Free Thing a year to the club, whether that be a presentation, workshop, article, podcast, or blog. And if putting yourself out there that way isn't your bag, we're asking for half a day's volunteering with one of our local community project partners. Pay it forward!

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