Welcome back to Issue 2 of the FSC Mag for more seriousness and piss take.

We’ve been wondering if we can keep it up, the doom mongering and the laughing - but funnily enough the two seem to work well together, like long lost friends meeting at a funeral and gleefully rediscovering their hatred for one another in the dimming light.

Issue 2 is all about collaboration, in a potentially vain attempt to remind ourselves that we are all one - one household, one street, one town, one company, one country, one world, one humanity. I know it sounds like Facebook hippy tosh with a picture of someone on a beach with their hands up in the air - but it does seem to be the truth - mainly because the opposite is hatred, murder, war, and the destruction of the progress the remoaner liberal snowflake weaklings thought they had achieved over last 50 years (you know, that PC shit like human rights, animal rights, environmental protections and other such idiotic stuff). So now seems the time to remind ourselves that working together rather than against the other is not just a happy clappy Google Friday afternoon ‘don’t be evil’ PR stunt - but a necessity to stop the rise of the Fourth Reich, Fast & Furious 14, Now That’s What I Call Music 203, and any other bullshit sequel of history (that obviously we learnt nothing from).

As the next generation (Gen Z) turn 18, most large organisations are stocked with pot bellied white middle-age middle-class men doing their best to predict what these kids will want, and then going for nice fat lunch. The truth, if they choose to face it, is diversity (with a small d) is queen, and survival is now a form of open osmosis, where the organisations that want to survive must create porous walls to allow the incorporation of a diverse multi-world of people with different mental models of the world (from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, ages and ethnicities) into the sealed off stale corpuscles of organisational culture. Survival is innovation based on the purity of diversity, not on the over-masticated mono-culture of current organisations. Work together to survive together. And what is true for the future of the organisation is true for the future of the world.

“Survival is innovation based on the purity of diversity, not on the over-masticated mono-culture of current organisations.”

Hierarchy, and command and control methods of organisation, have led us to the precipice. Respect for a mono-cultural authority led millions to their deaths in WW1 and WW2. Respect for a growth at all costs (GAAC) market model will lead millions more to their deaths (and the deaths of millions of species of plants, fish and animals). Unless we begin to work together at a local level, at an organisational level, at a country level, and at a species level, we are doomed. A local community that does not work together is no community at all. An organisation that does not encourage its employees to share ideas and work as one to solve problems will see its market value erode leading to bankruptcy. A country that cuts itself off from the international community and from other peoples and cultures will slowly become backward, irrelevant and ruled by fear.

And a species that no longer works as one to survive, that no longer pools resources and knowledge to solve problems, that is no longer able to communicate a common cause, is doomed to die.

Collaboration, not competition, is the driver of success across every human sphere.

We must collaborate, or else.

So go and meet those neighbours you haven’t said hello to in the 2 years since you moved in, instead of talking to Bill from Hull on 4Chan. And maybe they will lend you some sugar when you need it. Or some food for your kids. Or a gun. Bill certainly won’t be there for you when the shit hits the fan - but your neighbours just might.

Community is what will sustain us and keep us safe, and collaboration is what will allow us to rebuild and secure our worlds when they are threatened.

Enjoy the read.

Justin Small - Editor

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Justin SMall - EDITOR

Dan Simmons has a 20+ year career in helping start ups and scale ups strategically leverage their thinking, brand and IP to disrupt new market sectors. He is the Founder of Propelia and has overseen the development of groundbreaking products that enable clients to have a rapid response to uncertainty and disruption. Dan is a thought leader in how disruption can be repositioned from a creative, strategic and planning point of view.