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Becoming a member is easy - Just be amazinG.

The Future Strategy Club only invites amazing companies and people to be members. And to us, being amazing isn’t about the size of your revenue or about knowing important people. It isn’t about having a load of success, or lots of money to spend. And it definitely isn’t about having beautiful hair and a good set of abs. Being amazing for us is being completely and utterly committed to what you do and who you do it for. It is about believing in craft and quality above everything else. It is about having purpose, and seeing success as a by-product of that purpose. It is about continually wanting to be better. It is about doing good shit, and avoiding the bullshit. Our unique member ecosystem includes four types of members - Client Partners, Executive Advisors, Executing Specialists, and Graduating Consultants.

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You’re an organisation that recognises you must to stay ahead of the game to survive. You’ve never had a future thinking agency as good as The Club. From experienced expert exec advisers, to cutting-edge executing specialists, we only invite the best of the best to join The Club. And then we wrap them the in world class management and delivery services, and fix price it using our transparent flat fee model. No dark arts, no hidden fees, no bullshit. Straight up amazing project work done with craft, quality and care.

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You’re an exec level expert in your field, and that amazing experience and knowledge of yours is going to waste. We want to pay you for it. Through consultancy, speaking gigs, writing opportunities, and large commission fees for introductions from your network, we want to put our money where your mouth is. We also want to plug you in to our Specialist Member Network, so you can keep up to date with the latest edge thinking and doing, and so you can share your knowledge and help our specialists on their way to their visions (and get that nice warm feeling inside).

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Generalists are good, but specialists like you are beautiful. Craft and care is at the core of everything you do, and we want to keep it that way. We want to provide you with the services that you need to win and execute great and challenging work. We want to help you stay true to your vision and help you scale by getting you the work you want, when you want it - and take away the disruptions that stop you from achieving your potential.

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You’re the best of the best emerging talent. Instead of joining one of the many Corporate Fat Cat Agencies, or one of the evil FAANGs, we want to you join The Club. We want you to work across our family of amazing member businesses, trying out as many specialisms as you want, and learn the right and purposeful way to do things with craft and care. And then we want to help you find a permanent job, if that’s what you want, or start up your own specialist business as a member of The Club.

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