Narrative-led ENGAGEMENT.

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Driving Multi-story Narratives

Integrated interactive campaigns that drive deeper bonds with customers are driven by strong narratives. Building year long transmedia campaigns requires a distinctive creative strategy using narrative arcs to combine multiple story lines. Each story arc must feed up to the overall campaign central communication idea and hit objectives and targets. The Future Strategy Club offers creative campaign conceptualisation and execution across one channel, multiple channels and omnichannel. Narrative vision, brand coherence and kick ass ideation & execution combine to create experiences that drive deeper customer bonds and advocacy. 

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Live Action Marketing is live local campaign action that builds trust and deepens relationships in order to create advocacy. This kind of marketing is driven from a clear narrative vision and a real and authentic base of values and principles, where the marketing mix is a collection of active campaign proof points that build trusted partnerships with customers, communities and stakeholders through shared meaning.

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