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The punkish lovechild of Harvard Business Review and Private Eye.

We set out to create an alternative to the rather corporate, stale and pompous creative industry mags already out there through a heady mix of in-depth industry thinking, cynical piss-taking and original funny stuff that we think will make you laugh. There is definitely no science to getting this combination right - but our vision is to create the self-conscious, nerdy anti-establishment and punkish love child of Harvard Business Review and Private Eye - and let it loose on an unsuspecting audience of people we love and respect.

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the ISSUE.

Issue 1 is about the power of the customer, and whether we want to harness it to stop capitalism killing us. The lead article questions our collective inaction in the face of capitalism’s drive for growth at all costs. Experts constantly tell us the responsibility to save us is with governments and corporations - but Issue 1 asks whether we, as the customer that aides and abets the consumer engine of the market economy, can come together to disrupt profits and make change happen sooner? Ultimately, we can either start buying pot noodles to prep for the end of the world, or we can act in the aisles of supermarkets and begin disrupting the profits of brands that do not have our and our world’s interests at the core of what they do.

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For us, Future Thinkers & Doers make the world go round. From Hannibal to Musk, from engineers to designers, from scientists to artists - they all think of a possible future and then do accordingly to get there. They drive future solutions to future problems through awesome creative and strategic talent. The interviews in Issue 1 are all with people that we believe, one way or another, are Future Thinkers & Doers. From the Executive Innovation Director at Comic Relief who is helping prepare the amazing charity for the future, to the Dean of the School of Communication Arts whose students may one day win a Nobel Prize, to the man who designed the iPhone, to the leading music producer in UK theatre, to a social impact entrepreneur who uses dance to build key life skills in kids - we cover a broad range of creative talent who are helping prepare the world for the future.

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the articles.

The FSC Mag aims to become the alternative voice of the creative industries. More than anything, through the people we choose to write for the mag, we want to hero the amazing talent around us and shine the light on new ways of thinking and doing. We want to make us better at what we do and make us better at choosing what not to do. But most importantly, we want to help drive our collective talents and energy towards better causes. Towards better problems and better solutions. In Issue 1, from saving turtles from plastic pollution in Sri Lanka, to the importance of brands embracing social impact, to driving sustainability data into the heart of the shopping experience - we aim to poke the future whilst staying firmly in the present. After all, the future will just be a rather shittier version of the present if we don't take action now. But then again, who cares - the iPhone 20 is going to be f#@king amazing.

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the digital gimp.

He sleeps in the boot of his S-Class Jag Shirley, he's a middle-aged trend setter, and he gets very angry when the world gets ahead of him without him noticing (so he does his best not to take his eyes off it). Once a Colossus of the Creative Industries, now not so much. He's looking for redemption in the Lady Grey tea leaves of future innovation, and he is so confident he is on to something that he has just got himself a desk (with lockable storage) at WeWork. He's our very own DG and he is soon to have his own show on Sky Channel 679.


the games.

Taking ourselves too seriously should be a crime, so we do our best to take the piss of the sometimes stupid shit that we come up with in our day jobs. The BULLSHIT DEFCON is at level 4, an all time high, and we all need to do our bit to help bring it down to a safe level by partaking in the kind of activities that call out the bullshit artists. Life's too short for bullshit, so let's work together to drive it back up the arses of the bullshitters and keep it up there for good. We have included a selection of games and exercises in Issue 1 to help you de-bullshit your life.

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the mickey.

We always loved the FunDay Times, the kid's supplement that came with The Sunday Times. Made us feel grown up and clever. Unfortunately, we are all grown up now, the Funday Times is no more, and The Sunday Times has become a rather dumb kid's newspaper. But from the immature ashes of a kid's supplement rises The Mickey, a light-hearted look at our Creative Industries and the characters that inhabit it. We sprinkle it, like rather sweary fairy dust, across the whole mag and we fully expect the rest of the mag to disappear and for The Mickey to take over (expect the Xmas special very soon). If we are honest, The Mickey is the part of the mag we are most excited about developing. Here's to all the dumb kids that didn't know they were clever until they grew up.

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The back page.

Who cares about the back page? We do. In the absence of a shit car, watch or recruitment ad (we don't carry paid advertising), we decided the back page would be as important to us and as unique as the front page. And so we went looking for something or someone to fill it. We always loved colouring in as kids, and with the calm colouring revolution happening all around us, we decided to add a bit of purpose to those dried up topless pens you just found at the bottom of your work bag, So Calm C#@t Colouring is here, and it is the de-stressing mindfulness exercise you have all been looking for - just relax, get your deluxe 25 colour felt-tip pen adult colouring kit out and begin to fill in this issue’s scientifically verified c#@t.

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the initiatives.

So we at The Future Strategy Club are not accused of being all hat and no cattle, we are launching a couple of 'An FSC Thing' social impact initiatives with this issue - Customer1, and PlasticXchange.

Customer1 (www.customer1.world) is an alpha that is testing the theory that if customers have sustainability data at the point of purchase, we can change their behaviours to begin to disrupt the profits of the polluters. We will be taking over a supermarket in the near future to run some trials and hoping to drive towards a prototype app that provides a sustainable scoreboard for every product in your local supermarket.

PlasticXchange is an initiative to create a local plastic economy by setting up local plastic recycling centres that can turn common household plastic into products which can be sold. This we hope will begin to shift plastic from waste to resource, and help fund other social impact projects around sustainability in the area.


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