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In a time when most agencies are growth-driven corporations and have lost that all important connection to the reality of their client's customers' lives, the FSC has set up in a carpark in Peckham in order to get back to where agencies should be - at ground level, scanning for the changes at the edges that will become mainstream, in order to advise our clients on the disruption to come (and help them successfully survive it). 

It is an irony of the times that where once corporations hired fluid specialist agencies to give them the view from the edges, and help them deal with whatever was coming down line -  they now hire corporate agencies to tell them how to act less corporate-like in order to prepare for the coming disruption.  

The FSC wants to take the agency back to basics in order to save it - by turning it into a lean collective of creative change makers. We want to turn the usual for-profit agency bullshit, into some good shit, and in doing so put the purpose back into the tired old agency model, and maybe even do a little good in the process

If you want to work with us, chat with us, write for us, help save the planet a little bit with us, or you are just looking to cut out the bullshit and put some purpose back in your career - give us a shout. Our offices are set up as an open creative hub and we encourage anyone to come hang out, have a cup of tea or a glass of wine with us, and discover how we want to take the agency back to where it came from. 

Come visit us at:

Peckham Levels, 95A Rye Lane
London, England, SE15 4ST
United Kingdom

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Justin Small - Founder of the FSC

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